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Las canciones de Halo 3 – Soundtrack

Monday, Jul 21, 2008 / Escrito por: Juegos Now

Microsoft y Sumthing Else Music Works hicieron posible este album de dos CDs que contiene toda la música del juego Halo 3. Las canciones de Halo 3 incluídas en el album son las siguientes:

Disco: 1
1. Arrival (Luck)
2. Sierra 117 (Released)
3. Sierra 117 (Infiltrate)
4. Crow’s Nest (Honorable Intentions)
5. Crow’s Nest (Last of the Brave)
6. Crow’s Nest (Brutes)
7. Tsavo Highway (Out of Shadow)
8. Tsavo Highway (To Kill a Demon)
9. The Storm (This is Our Land)
10. The Storm (This is the Hour)

Disco: 2
1. The Covenant (Three Gates)
2. The Covenant (Black Tower)
3. The Covenant (One Final Effort)
4. The Covenant (Gravemind)
5. Cortana (No More Dead Heroes)
6. Cortana (Keep What You Steal)
7. Halo (Halo Reborn)
8. Halo (Greatest Journey)
9. Ending (Tribute)
10. Ending (Roll Call)

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